Why choose Elite Sourcing:

Making a good first impression on a potential employer is very important, and what better way to go about it than impressing them with a well written CV.

While most job portals offer generic tips and advice on polishing your resume, it does not emphasis on the importance of using the correct wording or provide you with the correct wording to ensure that your resume is picked up through online tracking systems.

For example: when you upload your resume to online career portals, your profile gets placed on a massive platform/database full of job seekers. Recruiters/Employers have access to these platforms to search for candidates that might be suitable for positions they have available, however before they can view any CVS/profiles they need to go through a sifting process (Applicant Tracking System).

The recruiter/employer complete these filters on the tracking system by adding keywords received from the job specification. This is the reason why in most cases portfolios are not getting picked up and job seekers that might be perfect for the position and fits all the requirements are not getting contacted.

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This is where we step in and assist you. With our years of experience and being in the recruitment industry itself we have access to all job platforms/portals and their requirements. Not only will our resume designs make your profile stand out, but we also ensure that your cv has the correct information added, does not exceed the required length acceptable, your capabilities are highlighted and most importantly we add the correct keywords to ensure your cv gets picked up through all filters used.

We Provide a Distinguished Service accompanied by absolute proven Customer Satisfaction.

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